Must Visit Natural Hair Salon in NYC: Beleza Natural

It’s rare you’ll find me sitting in a chair at a salon but that’s where I was just a few weeks ago in Harlem. After moving to Manhattan from Brooklyn about five years ago, I gave up on find a natural hair salon that was best suited to take care of textured hair and within an affordable price range.

Not all salons and stylists are equipped to handle textured hair. I’ve sat in many chairs where a stylist was YANKING my hair out or they’ve had to call another stylist (sometimes two!) just to detangle my hair. Deciding that it wasn’t worth the emotional stress (and damaged tresses), I stuck to do it yourself haircare.

So when I was invited for a complimentary service at Beleza Natural, it took a follow up (or three) to convince me.

Founded 25 years ago in Brazil, Beleza Natural has always championed natural hair and their newest salon right here in NYC is no different. From the minute you walk in, you know this salon was different. The staff is professional and courteous (honestly so many natural hair salons lack in this department, no shade).


The visit starts with a one on one consultation where a member of their team talks to you about your hair care needs, concerns, and help identify the right products/ services for you. Immediately following, you’re taken to the back for a thorough wash. I opted for the bn.Scalp Refresh because once the temperature dips, my scalp starts to act up.

Afterwards, you’re then taken to get your hair styled. I love the attention to detail by the stylist. No strand left unconditioned! While I typically like to air dry my hair, we opted for a hooded dryer given the cold temperature outside.

To end the visit, the stylist untwisted everything and fluffed my hair so that it had some volume but allowed my hair to get bigger as the week went by. I’m personally a fan of day two or three hair; this twist out lasted a solid seven days (!!) and the amount of compliments I received truly boosted my ego. My friend’s husband even asked if I was wearing a wig (bless his soul).

I’m definitely a fan of Beleza Natural and I foresee many more trips in the future. It’s rare to find a natural hair salon in Manhattan that actually understand you (and isn’t insanely expensive).

I was given a generous gift bag of products that I can’t wait to dive into. The shampoo and conditioner used during my service was divine. The stylist was able to detangle my knotted strands in no time and it didn’t hurt once.

I’m a believer.

I believe in sharing good news when I find it; if you’re in the New York City area and in need of a new salon, give them a chance!

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