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It’s no secret that I’m the world’s biggest Rihanna and Fenty Beauty fan. As such, I make it my civic duty to support her many endeavors. Sis has me out here buying bras and lingerie. I don’t even wear bras (shout out to the itty bitty titty committee)!

I’m the one who left my house AT MIDNIGHT to go to Sephora in TIMES FREAKING SQUARE (alternatively known as the devil’s armpit in NYC) to buy Fenty Beauty when it launched.

That’s why it pains me to say when the Fenty Beauty holiday collection was announced I was…underwhelmed. Fenty made a splash at launch for showing and acknowledging women of color. I assumed the line would focus more on complexion products; instead they’ve veered off into the trend category dropping palettes, lipsticks, and more highlighters than we need.

Being that they’re sold in Sephora, I get it. Palettes are money makers and highlighters are still very much top of mind for all of us consumers.

But you know what they say- Jack of all trades, master of none. That may be a little harsh but their palettes are…okay. Their lipsticks, while bomb, are not the first that I reach for (save for the Stunna lip paints).

I’m patiently waiting for a creamy concealer to wear with my Pro Filt’r Foundation, sis!

While I wait, let me break down my thoughts on the Fenty Beauty holiday collection. If you watched my Sephora haul, you know that I caved and bought a lot a few items after seeing them in person. It’s true that the photos on Instagram didn’t really entice me but after seeing Rih’s tutorial and swatching a few of the products in store, I bit the bullet and dropped some $$$.

I’m a sucker.


Dubbed the Chill Owt (get it?) collection, this holiday collection has SO MANY PRODUCTS; it’s lowkey hard to keep up. It launched in early October and certain items sold out quick in store though you can still get it online.

Fenty Beauty came out with their first highlighter palette in their Killawatt Foil formula as well as makeup crayons that you can use on your lips and eyes (eww?). There are loose powders, metallics lipsticks, MatchStix by the dozen, and even more Mattemoiselle lipsticks. Let’s jump in:


Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Palette, $54
When I first saw this, I was not impressed. Blue highlighter? Pass. Then I saw Sonjdra Deluxe’s tutorial and I decided it had to be mine. The Killawatt Foil Palette features seven different shades in hues of soft purple, cool blue, and some warm metallics.

Since it’s their Killawatt Foil formula, it is more metallic and not as soft as their regular killawatt duos. I wish there was a mix of some foil and non foil shades for those of us who don’t want a blingy highlight. This is nice to use on cheeks and eyes, though you’ll need to pull out some matte shades to avoid looking like Mimi Bobeck.

While I like this palette, I don’t think it’s worth $54. More like $34. I purchased it during the VIB Rouge sale so if you’re able to get it on a discount, I would recommend doing so. I listed it under the good section simply because the powders are soft, easy to blend, and really beautiful on the skin.

Frost Bunny, Frost Hunny, Frost Money Frosted Metal Lipstick 3-pc Set, $39 each
Fenty Beauty likes them a multipurpose item and these are no exception. These are multi-use crayons that you can apply on your lips and eyes. Call me a germaphobe but I refuse to apply something on my eyes if it’s been near my lips. Am I alone? I know people repurpose lipstick as eyeshadow but typically it’s with a brush. They dry down relatively fast so it’s best going in directly versus using a brush.

They come in sets of three and there are three different sets (making nine crayons in total). Frost Money comes in an icy blue, a metallic silver, and a really pretty purple. Frost Hunny is more warmer toned with metallic golds and pinks. Frost Bunny is the softest of the three with a light pink, yellow, and a bronze.

While I won’t be wearing these on my lips, they’re perfect for the lids due to the fact that once they set, they don’t budge.



Avalanche All-Over Metallic Powder Set, $99
I choked when I saw the price of this set. No joke. I was drinking soda and started choking and coughing. My life flashed before my very eyes and because I live alone I started panicking that no one would find my dead body.

This limited-edition set features seven jewel tone loose pigments for eyes, cheeks, and lips. While the brand calls all of them metallic, I find that they are certainly more satin/ pearl-like than metallic. They come in a small jar which is fine for my little ass fingers but I’d imagine someone with larger hands may find it annoying. It does have a plastic insert that prevents powder from going all over the place. I find that they go on quite soft and blend well; like most pigments expect fall out.

The NYX glitters are chunkier; the MAC loose pigments are more metallic. These look more metallic when you apply with Fix+ (or your setting spray of choice). The colors are beautiful. I just wish we could buy them alone.

Mattemoiselle 10/10, $149
I didn’t purchase this Mattemoiselle set. As much as I like the formula, I don’t reach for these as much as my NARS, MAC, Estée Lauder (note: I work for EL). They don’t suck by any means. They’re quite lovely. I just do not want to spend $150+ on lipsticks.

This vault contains 10 all-new, full-size Mattemoiselle lipsticks in a variety of shades. I, personally, don’t find all of the shades wearable. If you like to wear far out colors (green, black) then you’ll like this. I can’t justify the costs because there are maybe three shades I really want. I’m hoping they release these as singles in the coming months.



Snow Daze & Snow Nights Frosted Metal Lipstick 3-pc Set, 36 each
These new Frosted Metal Lipsticks come in the same casing as the Mattemoiselles but they’re a metallic frosted finish, versus matte. I’m not about that frosted lip life. I left that in 2007 with MAC. They’re sheer. One of the shades are streaky and patchy. While the metallic isn’t chunky or glittery, I don’t find them wearable. Snow Daze is warmer (and what I have), while Snow Nights has cool tones. Skip.

Match Stix By The Dozen, $129
I actually really like the Fenty Beauty Match Stix. I’m surprising myself by putting these in the nah category! Match Stix By The Dozen is a 12-piece set of mini shimmer sticks. There are five existing shades (Starstruck, Yacht Lyfe, Ridiiic, Confetti, Blonde) as well as seven new shades (Bordeaux Brat, Champagne Heist, Pink Lemonade, Hibi$Cu$, Beach Bum, Cognac, Platinum Pearl).

What makes the Match Stix so genius is the innovative packaging (they’re magnetic and click together). I’ve purchased the mini sizes of the Match Stix and since they don’t click, they float about aimlessly in my makeup bag. Since I already own all five of the existing shades, this set isn’t the most cost efficient.

If you’re someone who wants to try out the Match Stix without going HAM on the full size like I did, then this may be worth your while. I just find that I prefer the bullet on the bigger size since it’s easier to apply and more user friendly. Again, I hope they come out with these as individuals (full size) so I can just pick up the colors I’d actually wear.

I didn’t purchase the Mini Fairy Bomb or the Two Lil Mattemoiselles because I saw zero need. They’re cute stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts.


WOW – I haven’t done a long blog post in a minute! I hate to be so critical of a brand I love so much but I have to be honest. It also strikes me as odd that they still have the “limited edition” Galaxy Palette online…from last holiday.

The brand is sort of all over the place with their launches and I’m hoping they streamline it a bit. This holiday collection is a nice to have but with all of the other launches happening at Sephora, I can think of a few other palettes to invest in.

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