Beauty: My 11 Step Morning Routine

Today I’m sharing my morning routine. I don’t pride myself in there being a certain number of steps, but these are all of the things I do, makeup included, every morning before going to work; unless I decide to go without makeup which I have been doing a lot more lately. All of this takes me about an hour to a hour and fifteen MAX. I’m usually pretty fast about getting things done, mostly because it’s routine but also because I’m up early enough where I then have time to spare.

That said, I’m sharing my 11 Step Morning Routine.


I always start my routine with a clean foundation. I love washing my face in the AM, totally wakes me up and gives me a chance to see how my skin is doing and looking before I apply my makeup. My skin has been my biggest “thing” lately so I appreciate the results during the process.

The face wash that I’m currently using the most is my Body Shop Tea Tree face wash. I actually need to re-up on it soon. Tea tree is my go to because not only does it work for acne/blemish prone skin, even when I don’t have breakouts, it always makes my skin feel the cleanest.


I also need to re-up on my toner. I added toner back into my routine earlier this year after reading a fellow blogger/influencer’s post about how it is necessary for your skin. It adds that moisture that I never knew my oily skin needed. Swipe it on with a cotton ball (in a upward direction) and you’re good to go.

My toner of choice is Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner in rose. You can get it from Target or you can shop my link HERE. It comes in a plethora of other scents/flavors (everything is always a flavor to me even if its not edible). They have coconut, peach, lavender etc. I have no complaints about it, it has worked very well for me and I will definitely be replacing it.


There are a couple of serums I interchange in my routine. I didn’t realize the power of serums until I got one. That all stems from my lack of knowledge regarding how to better take care of my oily skin.  I used to believe that anything extra outside of moisturizer was going to make my skin worst/more oily; of course the opposite is true. I will never go without serums, they are definitely a favorite part of my routine.

I use 3 serums. 2 together, 1 on it’s own. All three can be used daytime and/or nighttime; I’ll be sharing my nighttime routine in a separate post. I’m currently using my Le Dew Serums. I mentioned these serums in an upcoming postRoundup: 6 Beauty Products I’m Loving Lately and I’m really thankful to have won these. I use both the Baby Smooth Hyaluronic Acid serum and the Citrus Sunshine Vitamin E serum. I have seen results already from using both of them and I really really like how they work. My blemishes appear lighter and more faded and my fine lines have been visibly reduced.

I also use The Body Shop’s Tea Tree serum. I’m a huge believer in using multiple products from a line to get the maximum results so this serum coupled with the wash and night mask is everything.

11 Step Morning Routine


Eye creams are a part of my routine on occasion. I had been using Bliss Eye Do All Things under eye cream and initially felt like it worked. I stopped using it once I started using my serums to see which would give me better results.

I will have to do an eye cream haul to determine which eye cream works the best for me. I have seen a lot of different suggestions, but have yet to go out and try everything. I’ll keep you all updated when I do decide to test out a few different eye creams.


Moisturizers are the only product that have never left my routine. As long as I had a moisturizer, preferably with SPF I thought I was good for life. Wrong. On a day-to-day basis I use my No. 7 moisturizer which has SPF. In the past I’ve used Olay and Neutrogena FAITHFULLY, but really wanted to switch things up.

Now there are days where I don’t use an SPF sunscreen because I’m inside A LOT of the time. On days like that I use my hydrating moisturizers, either my Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream or Glow Recipe Watermelon Pink Juice. I also use these when I get ready for nighttime functions.


Primers are the one thing I always change in my routine. Similar to using a line of products for my skincare, I try to use the primer that goes with whatever foundation I’m currently using. I’m currently using Too Faced’s Hangover Primer and I enjoy it. It is light and not like any of the other primers I have used, it’s super hydrating which I appreciate AND it works well with the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation.

11 Step Morning Routine


Foundation has and always will be a part of my routine. I don’t care what people have to say about it. Like I mentioned in the previous section I’m currently using Too Faced Born This Way and I REALLY REALLY like it. I’m proud of myself for even venturing out because I’m pretty much a “nope this is the one” kind of girl when it comes to makeup.

This is super light and build-able and makes doing my makeup a breeze in the AM. I had my first experience of wearing it all day, while being outside in warmer climates and I have to say I still looked bomb when I got home at 10 at night.


I wasn’t going to add this to this list, but it is a part of my routine and the only thing that can take the longest. I do brows AFTER foundation because I’m not neat enough with the beauty blender or flat top brush to do my eye brows before.

I bounce back and fourth multiple times a year between using a pencil and using Anastasia BH dipbrow and I’m currently back on my pencil game. I’m currently using NYX Precision Brow and I’m glad I decided to go back to the pencil for now. Pencil is faster, I don’t have to make sure it’s TOO perfect and if I want to add a bit of extra then I can add the dipbrow on top.


Concealer became a part of my routine when I realized that my under eyes were a little darker than I had hoped they would be. That has since improved, thanks to serums and Vitamin E, but I still like to look a little lighter under the eyes especially since I wear foundation.

I currently use MAC Pro Longwear concealer and this has been a holy grail for me since I started wearing makeup. There are certain things and certain brands that I can always trust and when it comes to concealer, MAC is one of those brands.


I got on the bandwagon and added Laura Mercier to my routine for setting powder and I’m so glad I did. This has truly been a game changer as far as makeup longevity goes. I don’t know how she did it, but even though my concealer is shades lighter than my foundation AND the setting powder, it blends perfectly and gives me that smooth finish that I’ve always desired, ESPECIALLY under the eyes.

11 Step Morning Routine


Last, but certainly not least, I always finish off my look with highlighter. I’m pretty simple as far as it goes, but lately I have been experimenting with different colors because why not. Highlight is the fun part for me.

I have a whole bunch of highlighters that I use; my go to’s are the Vivid Baked Bronzer by Makeup Revolution in Rock on World and Ready to Go. I like that these aren’t common colors in my opinion. I also use Rude Cosmetics Angelic Highlighter palette. I received it in a PR package and really appreciate all of the colors it comes with. I talk more about it in an upcoming post Roundup: 6 Beauty Products I’m Loving Lately.

Well that concludes what seems like a lengthy routine, but in reality I’m able to do all of these things pretty quickly and still achieve the look I’m going for. As the weather starts to get colder, I may interchange some things, but for now this is what my morning skincare and beauty routine looks like.

Are any of these products in your routine? Which ones are your favorite.

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