8 Things You Do That Contaminate Your Makeup

It’s worse than you think.

Here’s a beauty confession: I don’t wash my makeup brushes often enough. I know. Ew.

I’m a pretty clean person. I even own a special makeup brush shampoo. And yet I still somehow can’t manage to do it more often than once a month.

So when I apply my foundation or blush, I am basically applying bacteria and spreading it all over my face. I know this can lead to breakouts, and I really should make a conscious effort to be more diligent with my brush cleaning routine.

But cleaning brushes is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to makeup contamination. Have you ever washed your makeup bag?

The truth is that beauty products, as well as the cases and bags they live in, are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

There are a few things to be aware of when handling your makeup to avoid contamination. So if you do one thing today, make it a good deed for your health, and stop making these eight mistakes.

1. You use your fingers

Chances are, you dip your fingers in a lip balm or moisturizer pot to get the product on your face. I’ll just go out on a limb here and say you don’t always wash and sanitize your hands beforehand – meaning you instantly contaminate the entire pot with bacteria from your fingers, then transfer it onto your face. Using cream spatulas that you can wash after each use is a much cleaner way of applying your beauty products.

2. You leave your stuff on dirty surfaces

You might clean your bathroom regularly, but the moist environment in bathrooms is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Putting your brushes down on the sink or bench top where you apply your makeup will instantly contaminate them. Always stand your brushes up so they don’t come in contact with dirty surfaces.

3. You don’t close your products properly

Unfortunately, even the air is filled with fungal spores that can contaminate your makeup if you leave the jars and cases open. Make sure you properly close all lids when you’re done applying your makeup. This will also prolong the freshness of your products.

4. You keep makeup for too long

Of course it’s tempting to use a $5o mascara until it’s completely empty, but the average shelf life of your makeup is much shorter than you might think. The older makeup gets, the more susceptible it is to germs and bacteria. That’s why mascara should be disposed of after three months to avoid eye infections, foundation should be ditched after six months, and lip gloss after a year.

5. You share makeup with friends

Sharing is caring – but be aware that the lipstick you’re sharing with your bestie means you’re sharing your bacteria, too. If you want to let her use your products, make sure to use disposable spatulas or brushes, and clean the product straight after.

6. You forget about the makeup bag

If you’re really diligent about cleaning your brushes each night, but you put them in the same old makeup bag that’s never seen soap before, you’re just recontaminating them the moment they touch the bag. Make sure to give your makeup bag a good washing on the regular – and let it dry in the sun. The dark, moist environment of a makeup bag is a paradise for germs.

7. You double dip

With lip gloss, powders and loose eyeshadow, it’s very tempting to double dip the applicator brush after it touched your face. However, this contaminates the entire pot or jar. This is especially easy to do with loose powder, as the absorbent quality of the product makes it easy for bacteria to grow. The safest way to use powders is to transfer some of it onto your hand or a dish so your applicator doesn’t touch the rest of the clean powder.

8. You forget to wash your brushes

You know you do. If washing your brushes with a gentle shampoo every day is too time-consuming for you, spray them with alcohol and wipe them on a clean tissue to kill the majority of bacteria. However, properly washing and drying your brushes as often as possible is the safest way to avoid breakouts and diseases.

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